Saturday, November 26, 2011

Y'all it tastes just like a mint julep...

Now, readers of YOPV know that Tinsel Shrimpfax and friends have a strong penchant for that "magickal" elixir, kombucha. We were totally ecstatic when we learned that GT's, that Kombucha Powerhouse company out of Beverly Hills, had not only re-issued their classic beverages with original recipe (a "stronger alcohol content"), but had also added two new flavours to their roster of Phat K drinks.

We did approach one of the new flavours, Maqui Berry Mint, with a little trepidation. Berries and mint - they sound like a mix about as enticing as chocolate and oyster. Well, maybe not that gross, but still. The other flavour - Third Eye Chai - well, where can you go wrong with that?

So we searched. These new flavours - and the other original recipe drinks - are a little hard to come by, even 'round these parts where they're made. They're sort of sequestered in liquor stores, beer kiosks and your finer health food stores - none of which are close to were the new L.A. YOPV Headquarters is located. Luckily, there is one grungy beer ditch in Eagle Rock (on Eagle Rock Blvd., as a matter of fact) that sells them. We felt like we were going to a head shoppe to purchase a pinchy... it all seemed so elicit.

We purchased the Maqui Berry Mint and Third Eye Chai, along with an old friend - SUPERFRUITS, which we simply adore.

Upon first taste, we were unhappy with the Maqui Berry Mint - but as we got adjusted to its strange combo of essences, we realized what it tastes like Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Tea. So we give it a good review. As for the Third Eye Chai - simply deee-licious. We love it. And we DIDN'T get hammered. If you are near one of these locations, why don't you drop in and give one of these new little elixirs a whirl?