Thursday, October 28, 2010

Accessorize Your Assholeism!

Want to show off just how much of a stupid, selfish cunt you are? Then head on over to where they sell "YES, THEY ARE REAL" fox tail keychains!

First of all - tacky.

Second of all - it's bad enough that the foxes are being killed for something so completely fad-driven and asinine - why, why, WHY do you have to subject the poor little angels to being dyed hideous colors like lime green, pink, and orange? Whoever came up with this idea is crawling at the very bottom of the gene pool.

Of course, what's even sadder is that there are people crawling around the bottom of the gene pool with this dipshit, ready to snap these stupid things up and allowing this person to make a living off something so completely repellant.

Go ahead and buy them - you'll be advertising to the populace at large that not only do you feel an intense need to look just like everyone else in order to be comfortable with yourself, but also that you are a world-class asshole who doesn't give a fuck about the suffering of animals or the destruction of the environment as long as you THINK you look cool waddling around with a fucking animal's tail strapped to your ass.

From their shoppe on etsy:
What could be better then a fox tail dipped in a Candy Apple Green? The attitudes of these candy colored tails are as Posh as our favorite Hollywood celebrities. Rare and distinct, the So Posh tails are sure to cause a fashion riot everywhere you go.

Tails are 100% REAL fur Foxtail. Featuring an industrial strength nickel hardware for clipping it onto your bag, belt loop and the like! Attached to each tail is a chain link with soft and supple authentic deer skin leather tassels, same leather used on the finest handbags out there!

Each tail is approximately 15-18'' long. Due to the fact that these tails are 100% authentic fox fur tails, each will vary slightly in size and shape.

I know something that's "better than a fox tail dipped in candy apple green" - how about a fox tail that's LEFT ON THE FUCKING FOX WHERE IT BELONGS.

Trends come and go - suffering is forever. And Dolls Kill, obviously run by idiots, seems to be intent on keeping suffering trendy.

You stupid shits need to start thinking before you act. Oh, and you also need to stop dressing like morons.

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