Thursday, May 7, 2009

On the Road with YOPV, Part I.

Marky Mae Brown was en route to Los Angeles yesterday. He's there to visit friends, hike the mountains, look at the beach, and see the Dead (yes - you don't have to say anything) on Saturday.

He flew Jet Blue, which has a brand new terminal (T5, they like to call it) at JFK International Airport. Now, Marky Mae had to get up at 4:30 to catch this flight and he needed coffee big time. "Oh, I'll just get it at the airport," he said to himself as he tried very hard to wake up. When he got to the terminal, however, he was dismayed to find that not a single coffee purveyor offered soy milk. In New York City. At an international airport. It was the one and only time Marky Mae has ever caught himself actually wishing there were a Starbucks around. He steeled himself for the pain and drank his coffee black.

In a testament to just how retarded Marky Mae actually is, his first stop after he got to Los Angeles was Nature Mart, his favorite health food store in the area. (kd Lang is a shopper here, too, y'all. She's been witnessed in their bulk bin on many occasions.) He purchased a kombucha (he noted there was a new brand available, but didn't buy it because it's in a plastic bottle and that just ain't right) and some of his favorite grilled seitan, and then headed over to the park to eat that shit up. Damn, that seitan was good.

Later that evening, he and his hosts went to an authentic Mexican restaurant in Highland Park at 5511 N. Figueroa St. called Cinnamon Vegetarian. It boasts the curious slogan, "Discover Your Fullness." He discovered his fullness, all right. He ordered the "chicken mole" - it was off the god damn chain, y'all. It featured what tasted like Follow Your Heart 'Chicken-free Chicken (minus the disgusting fake ribs Follow Your Heart seemed to think it was necessary to include). DEEE-licious. The fresh guacamole was delicious, too. All in all, a lovely joint. Sadly, Marky Mae wasn't able to savor any of the desserts ("Made each morning in a labor of love") because of the fullness he had discovered, but they all looked beautiful, y'all.

He's going on several gluttonous excursions while in La Ciudad de Angeles, and will report more as he gobbles his way through this god damn place.


Frothy Phisterman said...

Sounds delicious. If I found out KD shopped somewhere, I think I'd run the other way. I mean, what vegan treats has KD been eating too much of? She's stuffed with vegan nougat and not in a good way!

Car'Velle Dunt said...

She's a big-boned gal. Meanwhile, I love her.