Friday, April 24, 2009

Oh my god. OH MY GOD.

Freddie and Pam guard that Coconut Chai with their lives.

I have just had an experience that bordered on religious, y'all.  

Picture it - I was on my way back from registering for Sri Dharma Mittra's Maha Celebration (featuring the kirtan of Krishna Das) when I decided to stop in and see what the story was with this raw vegan place on 23rd Street - Bonobo's.

Now, I've always figured this place would be awesome since it was named after the only animals (aside from ourselves) who are recreationally bisexual. I mean, these bonobos - if it's got a hole... well, you get the picture. They're frisky animals, those bonobos. (Homosexuality has been documented in TONS of species of animals, basically throwing all of these ignorant "Christians'" blatherings about Gays As Satan's Army On Earth out the window. Honestly, is there a place in Hell reserved for lonely cows who decide to lap a box or two in their segregated pastures? I doubt it very highly.)

Meanwhile, this Bonobo's cafe. I had heard mixed reviews - my friends had gone there, two of whom raved about it. Another friend said it was only "okay." But the other two said she had no basis for an argument, since she had eschewed the made-on-the-spot items for some pre-packaged nonsense that had been sitting in a plastic container for who-knows-how-long.

I didn't have time to fool around with the food. I'm sure I'll go back there later to sample it, especially since I noticed that they feature a marinated raw kale salad. And we all know how much I loves me some marinated raw kale. No, I didn't sample anything other than the... 

coconut chai. 

Oh. My. God. Words cannot describe this stuff. I mean, it's like sipping something that was whipped up in heaven and brought gently down to earth on a pillowy cloud. Sweet, creamy, just absolutely fantastic. You must - and I mean, MUST - run screaming to this place and get one of these immediately. They're right there by the door in the refrigerated compartment. You don't even have to wait! 

So go get one!


Sinsational Shasta! said...

That raw Coconut Chai knocked me down. Knocked.Me.Down. On my behind.

Lea said...

When you go for food, you need to try the sushi roll thing with the nut meat. Hazelnut is the BEST but they let you try all of them.