Tuesday, March 31, 2009

PeTA is a Selfish Pack of Douchebags

People for the "Ethical Treatment" of Animals - instead of being spiteful, power hungry cretins, perhaps you should focus energies on the things you SAY you care about - like, perhaps, animal welfare. 

I think suing an organization that runs a shelter for abused primates, taking in animals that have been experimented on for most of their lives or exploited in entertainment, is pretty fucking sick.  You really need to rethink your actions, because they are transparent and repulsive.

All y'all - read this article, please, and do not give PeTA your money as long as they're foolishly and needlessly attacking other animal rights organizations.
An excerpt:
If dressing up like clan members, exploiting women in protests, investing in the animal industry, or euthanizing 80-97% of 'rescued' animals doesn't change your mind about PETA, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, perhaps their recent lawsuit will get your attention.

Is PETA suing KFC as part of their KFCruelty campaign? Are they suing Lowes for selling moustraps? PETA has decided to take it easy on these guys and instead go after the Friends of Animals animal advocacy organization's primate sanctuary.

Read the whole article here.
Ingrid Newkirk and brainwashed minions - instead of bullying groups that are actually doing something good for other species, why don't you go back to finding some more porn stars or strippers to pose naked for your idiotic publicity whore ad campaigns that we've all grown to despise?

Or, even better, why don't you try focusing on something that could actually do some GOOD for the animals?


Sinsational Shasta! said...

Hear! Hear!

Quincy said...

Let's face it, these Pompous Eco-crazy Twerps for Animals should know better!