Friday, February 13, 2009

Want to see what an asshole looks like? UPDATE.

Just to make it clear, Jason Wu has cancelled - yes, you read that correctly - CANCELLED his fur line. 

What Jason Wu said:
"As a result of increased interest and demand from our global retailers, we've decided to put our fur license on hold and concentrate on our growing ready-to-wear business," Wu said.
What that means: so many people called, wrote and screamed at me that I decided that in order to save my career I'd better steer clear of butchering helpless animals so some entitled cunt can drape herself in a gaudy, overpriced shroud of death in order to feel "beautiful."

Thank you, Jason Wu, for caving to peer pressure and (at least on a fiscal level) realizing that fur is horrifying and brutal.

Now if only these stupid bitches and assholes who continue to buy fur would just snap out of it...

I'm posting this video, not because I endorse PeTA, but because more people need to see this shit. Think about this when you're coat shopping, please. Or shoe shopping, or glove shopping, or just plain shopping. 


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Dimples Doublefist said...

I actually don't think it's technically correct to say "canceled" because I think it's only postponed.

Also, the fur industry gives money to designers ("fur licensing") to use it---a measure that's lucrative for the designer and the industry. I wouldn't be surprised if Wu is obligated.

Plus, designers are NEVER honest. Look no further than Armani.

Marky Mae Brown said...

It is "postponed" - you are correct. But I believe it is postponed because of public uproar. Any smart designer would steer clear of that shit... just mentioning fur sends people into a foaming frenzy.

Armani can fuck off.