Thursday, February 26, 2009

Brooklyn Restaurant News

Sad news for Fort Greene, y'all. Urban Spring, the ultra-green, ultra-local and ultra-friendly coffeehouse / sandwich / juice / cookie / vegan baked goods shoppe, is closing. 

I can't even tell you how sad this makes me - I go there every morning for a cup of locally-roasted and really amazingly good coffee. On Saturdays, I get their fantastic (and voted Best Sandwich in New York City by the Vegan Guide to New York City) tempeh avocado sandwich. All of the yogis and hippies in my neighborhood congregate there. But the times - they're a-changin', and the owner said he just couldn't keep going. So sad... he was one of the few truly environmentally responsible business owners I've met.

Now, Fort Greene has lots of vegan options. Red Bamboo Brooklyn is right up the street from Urban Spring, and their menu is almost completely vegan. Their food is so fucking good that I've known people (you know who you are) to make special treks to the neighborhood just to pick up a vegan "chicken" parmesan hoagie. 

And then there's Dao Palate - it's not IN Fort Greene, but it delivers to Fort Greene. It's in the same family as Wild Ginger, and we all know how good THAT place is.

I decided to give Dao Palate a whirl recently. I ordered their Crispy Soy Protein with plum sauce, spinach wonton soup and malaysian curry stew (yes, I was a total hog - but give me a fucking break. I was sick, and you're supposed to feed a cold - everyone knows that.) Absolutely delicious. I highly recommend it.

My trouble with Red Bamboo and Dao Palate comes in their takeout packaging. Plastic GALORE, y'all. Huge plastic containers for their entrees, sandwiches, desserts, soups. And Red Bamboo pokes holes in the lids of their soup containers, rendering them unable to be re-used (Dao Palate does not do this).  I had so much plastic left over from my Dao Palate order that it made my mind reel. 

People always groan, "But all of those containers - they're recyclable! It says so right on the plastic!" 

Yes - in theory, deli containers are recyclable. But, if you check your list of what the New York Department of Sanitation WILL recycle - you'll see that all takeout containers are recycling no-nos. Why, I don't know. But I do know that it's a huge waste of plastic and, given the rate at which New Yorkers take out food from restaurants, an enormous addition to our already grotesquely overflowing landfills. 

Now that the one place I've ever encountered that actually went out of its way to use biodegradable takeout packaging is closing in a matter of days, I'm going to have to seriously limit my takeout practices. 

What to do? Ask Red Bamboo and other restaurants to switch to paper takeout containers. They're not recyclable either, but at least they biodegrade. And that's something.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Coolest Fish In the World...

This is one cool fish, y'all. It's got a transparent head!

Read more about this deep sea marvel HERE.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Off the Hook Raw Foods with Offie Lee

Hi, y'all. I'm Offie Lee, guest-blogging here on Ye Olde Pompous Vegan. From time to time I'll pop by and fill you in on my findings in the world of hippie foods. 

Today I'm all about raw comestibles, and let me tell you what - I can't get enough of these overpriced raw foods! Legend has it that raw foods maintain the natural enzymes that are generally destroyed when food is cooked above 113 degrees. Enzymes = health, or so they say. If it's a gimmick, I'm sold, y'all, because this shit is off the motherfucking chizzain up in here. 

Take, for example, this dr-cow tree nut cream cheese:

You know what's in this? Cashew nuts, salt and acidophilus. Off. The. Chain. It's low in fat and calories and tastes like a creamy and delicious cheese should - sharp and gorgeous. Get you some and find out, if you think I'm joking. 

Now, what could complement such a divine raw vegan cheese product? How about some motherfuckin' raw onion bread? Like Awesome Foods Raw Onion Bread, perhaps?

Let me tell you what - no matter what you think of it now - you have never. and I mean Ever. tasted anything as delicious as raw onion bread. It is so so sweet and delicious and will leave you begging for that dehydrator to hurry the fuck up and pump some more of that greasy goodness out. Off the chain.

Might I suggest the following - get you some Dr-Cow and some raw onion bread, an avocado, a tomato, and some broccoli sprouts, mash the crap out of that avocado and smear both it and the cheese on that onion bread, top it off with some tomato and some sprouts, and have you a good ol' fashioned raw party with fixins! 

You'll feel vibrant and fabulous and be overwhelmed by how deee-lovely and deee-licious raw food can be! Take it from me, Offie Lee!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Seen In New York.

Quite possibly the WORST marketing campaign ever - especially since this particular kiosk, located at 52nd and Broadway in Manhattan, has priced this shit approximately 2 dollars higher than most purveyors of kombucha in New York City.

I drink kombucha every single day, many times a day. Has it improved my health? Probably not. BUT, I love the taste of it. These people at this deli just don't know what the fuck they're missing.  

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dear Crystal:

I love your name and your low-profile attitude. I love how effortless you are—not to mention how your impact upon the earth is nominal, if not non-existent (You are my hero!). Crystal, you’re such a model citizen--the wind beneath my wings. And, Crystal: The fact that you're vegan really makes me proud and happy.

But, Crystal, I don’t understand your unpredictable ways: one day you’re all about doing what it is you say you’ll do—doing the right thing—and the next I’m left high and dry. Except by high and dry, Crystal, I mean wet and stinky.

Why do you have to be so fickle, Crystal?

I don’t want us to part ways, Crystal. Most of the time, I think we are really good for each other—that is, until I get hot or stressed out like today. I want our relationship to last a long time, but for that to happen, Crystal, you need to meet me half way. That’s all I ask.



Friday, February 13, 2009

Want to see what an asshole looks like? UPDATE.

Just to make it clear, Jason Wu has cancelled - yes, you read that correctly - CANCELLED his fur line. 

What Jason Wu said:
"As a result of increased interest and demand from our global retailers, we've decided to put our fur license on hold and concentrate on our growing ready-to-wear business," Wu said.
What that means: so many people called, wrote and screamed at me that I decided that in order to save my career I'd better steer clear of butchering helpless animals so some entitled cunt can drape herself in a gaudy, overpriced shroud of death in order to feel "beautiful."

Thank you, Jason Wu, for caving to peer pressure and (at least on a fiscal level) realizing that fur is horrifying and brutal.

Now if only these stupid bitches and assholes who continue to buy fur would just snap out of it...

I'm posting this video, not because I endorse PeTA, but because more people need to see this shit. Think about this when you're coat shopping, please. Or shoe shopping, or glove shopping, or just plain shopping. 


Pledge to go fur-free at