Monday, January 26, 2009

Want to see what an asshole looks like?

Take a gander, y'all. Here is a 100% Genuine Asshole:

"Fashion designer" and drooling simpleton Jason Wu, the entity responsible for that heinous sale rack prom dress Michelle Obama was wearing on inauguration night, has stated his intention to create a "significant" fur line.

Our friends at ecorazzi pointed out that this vile bolsa de mierda stated the following on Access Hollywood:
“I’m doing a significant fur collection, and the message will be all about luxury.”
"Fashion is also sort of escapism, and women need beautiful dresses to lose themselves in.”
Hey, fuckface - fur is not "luxury." Fur is destruction. Fur is the ultimate fashion faux pas, and you as a young designer should know that.

How about trying to create something for women to "lose themselves" in that doesn't cause the needless death and suffering of another sentient being? It's not that hard... designers do it every day. 

Oh, and that dress you designed for Michelle Obama was fucking gross. I knew I didn't like you - and now I know why.

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