Thursday, January 15, 2009

This Tree Did Not Die In Vain.

by Dimples Doublefist

I have a giant collection of vegan cookbooks, which is kind of queer considering the fact that I hardly cook. There are multiple reasons for this: 

1. I am lazy 

2. I am impatient and 

3. My standards are impossibly high. 

I want everything I eat to taste like it came from either Candle 79 or Sacred Chow. That's a problem because of #1 and #2. I have said collection of cookbooks because every couple of months I swear off eating out, I purchase a new cookbook, then I proceed to cook for three nights in a row and then, out of boredom and disappointment, return to my old ways of eating out all the time. Rinse and repeat.

Well, let's just say that restaurants in the Nation's Capital suck ass. Yes, there are a few decent things, but pathetically the food is uncreative, over-priced and the biggest sin of all: fattening. That's why I am both bitter and no longer skinny. (Fuck you, Washington, DC).

Anyway, my friend Rancy Nice (since I didn't ask permission, you get a pseudonym) recently told me that I needed Robin Robertson's Quick Fix Vegetarian, which promises that all meals contained therein require less than one half hour to prepare. Rancy also told me everything was incredible. Because I like Rancy, I listened.

Well, I'll be damned.

This weekend I made a seitan (that is encrusted with paprika) with sherried mushrooms and peas; I made a linguine with a red lentil sauce that was garlicky and rich---as if it had been made with cream---and totally to die for. And finally, today I made a red bean and coconut milk based Jamaican stew that is truly inspired and out of this world. Three home runs.

If you're a hippie, I'd run to my local, independent bookseller and get this cookbook immediately. Even though I am a hippie (I am wearing linen pants right this very minute), I had to run to Amazon dot com---where it's only $11---because I needed instant gratification. Indeed, that's what I got.

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