Friday, January 16, 2009

Putting the Money Where the Mouth Is.

by Marky Mae Brown

We live in a world of inaction. What with the internet, cable TV, Fresh Direct, and Wiis, we don't ever have to leave the comfort of our homes or acknowledge that there's a world going on outside of our electronic contraptions and tv shows. So most people probably find this bit of news less than interesting:
RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil - Amazon deforestation jumped 69 percent in the past 12 months — the first such increase in three years — as rising demand for soy and cattle pushes farmers and ranchers to raze trees, officials said Saturday.

Some 3,088 square miles of forest were destroyed between August 2007 and August 2008 — a 69 percent increase over the 1,861 square miles felled in the previous 12 months, according to the National Institute for Space Research, or INPE, which monitors destruction of the Amazon.

"We're not content," Environment Minister Carlos Minc said. "Deforestation has to fall more and the conditions for sustainable development have to improve."
This article goes on to report that Brazil lost 2.7 per cent of the Amazon rain forest in 2007. 2.7 per cent in ONE FUCKING YEAR!

Now, being a comic book editor in New York City doesn't really give me any experience or advice to offer those people down there except this - "STOP CUTTING DOWN THE FUCKING RAIN FOREST. AND I MEAN RIGHT NOW."

But, as an educated consumer, I can start making choices that will, in theory, keep money away from companies that are allowing this idiotic practice to continue. And I started today. 

Notice that increased demand for soy is one of the main contributing factors to rain forest depletion. I was, initially, going to attempt to ban soy from my life. "Just switch to seitan," I said to myself. But that's next to impossible. So what I decided was, in any case where I'm consciously going to buy a soy product, I am going to make sure it's either sustainably farmed or grown in the United States, where clear-cutting happened centuries ago and I don't have to feel responsible for it.

Wild Wood comes through again! Yes, our friends at Wild Wood Organics, the ones who make that GOD DAMN DELICIOUS fucking soyogurt, also sell firm, extra-firm and silken tofu, and it is 100% completely and totally a) organic and b) grown in the United States. Ain't no god damn Brazilian asshole displacing an ocelot over this shit. 

Tofu is one of the world's wonders, and I am very happy that I can continue to buy it without having it weigh on my conscience. The rain forest is, after all, one of the world's most precious resources - the sooner fuck-dumps realize that and stop fucking cutting it down, the better off we'll all be.


Anonymous said...

"Fuck Dumps".

troy said...

It would be worth looking into where that soy goes. I imagine a fair portion is actually used for animal feed, but it would be good to know the actual percentages. I also read that soy is being planted in places that are now too bolocksed to grow anything else.

from a quick google, this is interesting -