Sunday, December 21, 2008

The True Face of Fur.

Here is what people who wear fur REALLY look like:

Animals' skins weren't meant for people to wear. It turns out most people - even those who defy logic and actually parade around in these garish shrouds of death, decay and suffering - know that.

I have an anti-fur button on my backpack from a Friends of Animals anti-fur event at the Jivamukti Yoga School in Manhattan.

Now, given the increasing number of shameless cunts who have decided that fur is okey-dokey, I've kept this button on my backpack as a less aggressive form of protest than, say, dumping paint on them (though I have to admit that would be much more satisfying). 

Miraculously, I have seen many people, after peeking at my little button, attempt to obscure their fur coats, either behind their husbands, behind packages, by folding them inside out, or any other manner of ways that don't work. 

What does this say to me? It tells me that these selfish twats are fully aware that their coats are ugly, inhumane, horrifying, and the ultimate article of greed. It says to me that they know right from wrong - they just don't care. At least not enough to actually separate themselves from their need to feel socially superior by wearing dead animals.

Fur as fashion is dead, in more ways than one - making people who cling to this grotesque display of superficiality feel guilty is not only fun, it's just what they deserve.

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