Thursday, December 18, 2008

Second Annual Douche Alert - Elizabeth Hurley.

Should read, "What becomes a SOULLESS WHORE most?"

I know this isn't news to those of you in The Compassionate Set.  

But, I didn't know about Elizabeth Hurley's inability to separate monetary paychecks from karmic ones - that is, until I looked at the website for Blackglama.

It saddens me to see such a seemingly attractive person doing such hideously unattractive things.  It really does. But... I'm going to have to go ahead issue the following statement:

Elizabeth Hurley is the recipient of the Second Annual Douche Alert Award.  Congratulations, Elizabeth Hurley, for proving to the world that you care more about money than compassion, the environment, and a world free of suffering for ALL living beings.

You look like an asshole draped in all those little dead animals. No, wait. You don't look like an asshole... you ARE an asshole.

* * *

Blackglama's logo is, "What Becomes a Legend Most?"

Well, shit heads - I can tell you what becomes a heartless pig most, and that's wearing one of your "world's finest natural ranch-raised mink" coats.

The only things that look good in minks are MINKS. People who feel that it is a-okay to strip these little animals of their fur so they can satiate some ASININE need to increase their status are downright deplorable human beings. They're proving they aren't worth the air they're stealing from the rest of us.

Fur is an antiquated, barbaric, loathsome, and heinous fashion accessory. Those who continue and approve of its use are guilty not only of murdering countless thousands of animals but also of POLLUTING THE PLANET needlessly. All so some fat cunt can "look good" at the opera.

Given fur's recent inexplicable and grotesque increase in popularity, it looks like I'm going to have to issue a LOT of these Douche Alerts.

Get ready, y'all. When the fur comes out of storage, Ye Olde Pompous Vegan gets PISSED THE FUCK OFF.

Fuck you, Elizabeth Hurley. Fuck you.


Anonymous said...

I'm getting sick and tired of seeing all those mink coats out and about. Anyone who wears a mink coat is announcing to the world that he or she is soulless, vain piece of shit.

EVE said...

You are absolutely right !!! Elizabeth Hurly wearing mink makes you stink!!!!