Monday, November 10, 2008


The Pompous Vegan has been away in Madagascar for most of October. You can read about his sojourn here. It was a whirlwind of joy, and he is sad to be back here in the United States. But he'll get over it.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama is "set to reverse" the majority of Turd Cutter's missteps as president. So it is to be hoped that the future for the environment, both here and abroad, will be a bright one. At least we now have a President who cares - one who states that clean energy and environmental protection are at the foreground of his vision.

Congratulations to everyone who helped make this dream a reality. Can you imagine a world in which Sarah "Africa's a Country, Not a Continent" Palin actually had a say in what was happening? We'd all be doomed.

Keep her away from power, and help Barack Obama make the MOST of his four (and hopefully eight) years.

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Dexter "Jiggles" LaRue said...

Thank goddess you're back. We've missed you terribly.