Monday, November 17, 2008


by Dimples Doublefist

I used to be one of those people who poo-pooed soda--figuratively. My step-dad growing up worked for Coca Cola, but there was no carte blanche soda drinking in our house; in fact, I was hardly ever allowed to have soda--only on special occasions. Thus, I never really acquired a taste. Plus, the one fear my mother really did instill in me: pop will make your teeth rot out.

When Chop't, the salad place, opened its doors several months ago, I started ordering their lime seltzer; I was instantly in love. Having never been a Perrier drinker, Chop't's house-brand soda, Boylan Vintage Soda Pop and Seltzer, is the bomb. But Boylan only started the addiction.

My new favorite soda is IZZE-esque. It's the -esque part that's important: there's only a hint of sweetness. It's the love child of premium seltzer and natural soda, so it's both refreshing and slightly naughty. A whole bottle only has 60 calories.

My favorite flavor of IZZE-esque is the black raspberry, closely followed by the mandarin. Inexplicably, the lemon-flavored one is terrible (the lemon flavor also contains some sort of Chinese-sounding fruit juice extract that I've never heard of, which might be the culprit; for all we know, it could be melamine!). If you try that one, you will write the whole thing off.

Drink up!

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