Sunday, November 30, 2008


Jesus Christ. Pompous yuppies and people trying to be "cultural," read up - this shit is sad and scary:
If an army marches on its stomach, then the key item in the kit bags of the Roman legions that conquered southern Europe about 2,000 years was dried bluefin tuna. But having survived the demands of the Roman conquest, the species — each of which can weigh as much as 1,500 pounds and live as long as 40 years — might finally have met its match in the contemporary global appetite for sushi.

If environmentalists and marine scientists are right, the world's remaining stocks of bluefin tuna, 90% of which are in the Mediterranean, could be on the verge of extinction. Says Alain Fonteneau, a marine biologist for France's government-run Institute for Development Research in Montpellier: "If we do nothing, in five years we will fish the last bluefin tuna."

read the rest here.
I don't know about you, but I'm pretty horrified by this particular snippet of news. An entire species decimated because of sushi?!? Simply and positively disgusting. 

I can guarantee you that no one is going to do a god damn thing about this, either. Oh, I've heard the arguments before. "I understand the concern, but I just love it too much. I can't give it up," or "So what? It's just a fish," are things people say. Yes, for real. So, we might as well say goodbye to tuna. People are far too selfish and far too stubborn to give up one tiny thing that would make a change. 

Sacrifice is the only way to make things work - I hope people will pick up on that sooner rather than later. Here is one perfect and urgent example of what sacrifice could do for the world.

Monday, November 17, 2008


by Dimples Doublefist

I used to be one of those people who poo-pooed soda--figuratively. My step-dad growing up worked for Coca Cola, but there was no carte blanche soda drinking in our house; in fact, I was hardly ever allowed to have soda--only on special occasions. Thus, I never really acquired a taste. Plus, the one fear my mother really did instill in me: pop will make your teeth rot out.

When Chop't, the salad place, opened its doors several months ago, I started ordering their lime seltzer; I was instantly in love. Having never been a Perrier drinker, Chop't's house-brand soda, Boylan Vintage Soda Pop and Seltzer, is the bomb. But Boylan only started the addiction.

My new favorite soda is IZZE-esque. It's the -esque part that's important: there's only a hint of sweetness. It's the love child of premium seltzer and natural soda, so it's both refreshing and slightly naughty. A whole bottle only has 60 calories.

My favorite flavor of IZZE-esque is the black raspberry, closely followed by the mandarin. Inexplicably, the lemon-flavored one is terrible (the lemon flavor also contains some sort of Chinese-sounding fruit juice extract that I've never heard of, which might be the culprit; for all we know, it could be melamine!). If you try that one, you will write the whole thing off.

Drink up!

Monday, November 10, 2008


The Pompous Vegan has been away in Madagascar for most of October. You can read about his sojourn here. It was a whirlwind of joy, and he is sad to be back here in the United States. But he'll get over it.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama is "set to reverse" the majority of Turd Cutter's missteps as president. So it is to be hoped that the future for the environment, both here and abroad, will be a bright one. At least we now have a President who cares - one who states that clean energy and environmental protection are at the foreground of his vision.

Congratulations to everyone who helped make this dream a reality. Can you imagine a world in which Sarah "Africa's a Country, Not a Continent" Palin actually had a say in what was happening? We'd all be doomed.

Keep her away from power, and help Barack Obama make the MOST of his four (and hopefully eight) years.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Broadway Doesn't Go for Booze or Dope.

by Dimples Doublefist

I am not an alcoholic. In fact, before a year ago, I probably consumed a sum-total of ten alcoholic beverages per year, over the course of two nights. That's because I do like being drunk, but only twice per year.

That's changed since moving to Washington, DC--a place that's inspired me to give up some bad habits and to pick up news ones. I have, more or less, stopped my flirtation with cigarettes (meaning I don't smoke a few cigarettes every month or so); unfortunately, I now--like everyone else here--drink for fun.

I used to just go out and get cocktails---gay drinks that contain no fewer than five fruit juices, a splash of seltzer and some kind of designer booze. I love this variety of cocktail, no matter how declasse and trashy. But things have taken a turn for the worse: I now drink a lot of Trader Joe's wine. And I love it.

Blame it on Sarah Palin: as soon as that moose-hating tyrant was catapulted onto the national stage, I found myself embracing the Two-Buck Chuck Shiraz. And even though Two Buck Chuck actually costs $3, what do I care? It tastes good and does the trick.

The shiraz is heaven-like nectar: a little bit sweet and smooth as a baby's bottom. It's mother's little helper that's gotten me through the horrors of the general election with a relaxing ease.

I recommend a bottle or two on hand for tomorrow.