Saturday, October 4, 2008

Vegan Treats R Mmm-MMM Good.

by Dimples Doublefist

Every vegan already knows that the best, most trashy, decadent and delicious baked goods are made by Vegan Treats--a bakery in Bethlehem, PA. Until a couple of months ago, unless you lived in New York City (or, obviously, PA) you were, as the saying goes, shit out of luck.

Two things have recently happened, one of which is completely fucked up: Vegan Treats now delivers to Washington, DC and Sticky Fingers, Washington DC's crap-tastic vegan bakery has opened a store in NYC. But we are here to focus on the former, not the latter, because the latter is very bad news, because Sticky Fingers is disgusting--the shame of vegan baked goods.

That's right: some of Vegan Treats' specialties--like the brownies, cream-stuffed cookies and cheesecakes--are available at Java Green and Busboys and Poets. They are not only better than Sticky Fingers, they are less expensive, too.

I only get my panties in a wad over one item, however; and it's something that's so good and perfect, I am left breathless and heaving every time I eat it: The Chocolate Peanut Butter Mousse Bomb.

I know that's kind of an obnoxious name for a mere brownie. But, oh, I forgot!: This is no mere brownie! Just look at that pregnant plop of mousse sitting there on that gooey chocolate mass--all rich and chewy, just like your momma didn't make. So what if it's the vegan equivalent to a Double Whopper with large fries?

This baby is fierce and you should go eat one now.

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