Saturday, October 4, 2008

How do these people sleep at night?

Our Vice-president, Mr. Dick (DICK) Cheney, had this to say recently:

"As all of you know very well, President Bush made wildlife conservation an early and a high priority of his administration. We’ve carried out that commitment in these eight years — and we’ve been proud to have people like you as partners in the enterprise.

The men and women in this room understand what conservation is all about. It means reverence toward creation, and a commitment to faithful stewardship. It means guarding our spectacular wildlife populations — not just for our own time, but for all time.
As anyone who reads, thinks, speaks, or has opposable thumbs KNOWS, it is a defendable fact that the Bush Administration has done everything in its POWER to remove protections from animals, destroy the Environmental Protection Act, make it easier for protected lands to be drilled for oil, and see to it that all bunnies, puppies, tarsiers, marmosets, newts, roaches, and cows are shot dead until the only living things left are fat, stupid Republicans.

Seriously - the lies these people have told and continue to spew are so horrid and evil that it's a wonder they haven't imploded from all the bad karma they're creating. The next administration - as long as it's the one that will actually DO anything about this stuff - is going to have one seriously immense job on its hands. The world is getting closer and closer to being permanently screwed; we need people to do something about it, not just lie and pretend everything's okay.

Read this. And then this.

When are we going to stop TALKING about saving the planet and actually SAVE IT? We can have all the "thinktanks" and coffee klatches and summits we want, but that's not going to stop species from dying and forests from being depleted. Action is needed, and it is needed RIGHT NOW.

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