Monday, September 8, 2008

Salty Balls.

Disregard that part about "seafood meal" enjoyment, or pretend they're talking about nori.

Mmm-MMMM! I just waddled over to the Westerly Natural Foods - my favorite purveyor of organic delectables in Manhattan - and ventured into the raw foods aisle to retrieve a snizzack that would satiate my desire for something sweet without adding girth to Mr. Waistline. 

What I found was "Temple Balls II" - an all-raw, vegan and certified organic snack from our friends at Glaser Farms, way down in Miami, Florida.

Ingredients - "organic medjool dates, organic raw almonds, organic sesame, celtic sea salt, organic spices."

I rolled a few of these balls around in my mouth for a hot minute before coming to the conclusion that these are the best balls I've had in quite some time. They get a big, fat thumbs-up from me, y'all. 

By the way - yes, there really IS a difference between Temple Balls and Temple Balls II.

Glaser Farms differentiates them thusly -

Temple Balls: "Surprisingly moist and delicious."

Temple Balls II: "These yummy little balls have a grown up taste that even kids clamor for. All raw."

Get your hands on these balls if you know what's good for you. This shit is fucking good.

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