Friday, August 8, 2008

Winter In New York

It starts once again.

Fall is fast upon us, y'all. The myriad of trashy and heinous "fashion" outlets that litter our fair city with their Made-In-China trend hopper crap clothing have put their Summer Sale signs in their windows and are stocking up for the impending frost.

What's in store? Well, so far I see what has got to be the UGLIEST collection of pumps, shoes, moccasins, flats, and boots EVER created - straps, buckles, bands, superfluous "gladiator" addendums, tassles, fringe, emblems, and bizarrely-placed flaps ensure that this upcoming season's footwear will be downright laughable. But asswipes who can't go for a single minute exhibiting their OWN identities will snatch these things up, making themselves look like a bizarre hybrid of Hopalong Cassidy, an escapee from the local homeless shelter, and Julius Caesar.

Add to that the fact that designers appear to be going for a retarded version of the Sonny & Cher look, and you've got one fucked up outlook for fashion.

Clothing, ugly as it may be, is not my primary concern this fall and winter, because I've already seen the tell-tale signs of yet another six months' worth of selfish and asinine CUNTS waddling the streets of New York in fur. Fur, fur, fur, and more fur.

Winter is my least favorite time in New York City. I hate it. People parade around this place in furs, ostentatiously exhibiting themselves as if the fact that they can afford to wear sewn-together strips of dead animal somehow makes them better than other people.

Guess what - owning a fur does not make you superior. It makes you a stupid fucking twat.

Just yesterday I was walking down Broome Street when I happened to look into a 'Designer Boutique' - its windows littered with evidence of many, many murders. Anorexic mannequins were draped with vests and jackets that looked like they had been sewn together by blind apes, patches of raccoon and rabbit and probably dog and cat slapped about in haphazard patterns.

This stupid cunt should
have her teeth slapped out.

When are you people going to wake the fuck up? Fur is repulsive. They RIP THE SKIN OFF THOSE ANIMALS WHILE THEY ARE STILL ALIVE. And if you think the animals die immediately after their skin is removed, you are sorely mistaken. The monsters who perform this act for a "living" treat these animals like garbage and once their skins are removed, do NOTHING to end their suffering.

Anyone who purchases and wears fur is showing the world exactly how little they care about anything but themselves.

I want everyone to think long and hard about this as they're fingering that disgusting fox-fur vest that's going to be so popular this fall. That vest is a dead animal - a once-beautiful creature that struggled to survive, only to be caught by a bastard who tortured it in a tiny, filthy cage before killing it. Just so you could have a vest that smells bad and isn't as warm as its non-animal counterpart.

We're supposedly an evolved and intelligent species. Why can't we act like it?


Dexter "Jiggles" LaRue said...

People who wear fur are vain, ugly and heartless---not to mention fashion-challenged. The caveman look went out a few thousand years ago, no?

Marky Mae Brown said...

And they are also placing themselves in a situation in which they may very well have their faces smashed in by a particularly aggressive bastard who just can't take it anymore.