Friday, August 29, 2008

Princess Ariel's Wedding Day

Princess Ariel by norn

Once upon a time in the Magical Meadow lived a pony named Ariel.

Now, Ariel was no ordinary pony! She was the Crown Princess of the pony kingdom. She ruled with dignity, kindness and love of brother.

She was revered by all because of her intelligence and outstanding beauty. Of special note to her subjects were her hooves, which shone like gold in the morning sun. She had them polished every day with a special ointment made of honeysuckles, dew collected from the lilies of the field and yeast. Oh, her hooves were gorgeous.

One fine spring morn while making her rounds through the kingdom, she noticed a homeless little pony in the gutter with a broken leg. Oh, poor street urchin pony!

She gathered the ailing lad on her back and carried him back to her castle where she nursed him back to health and gave him a steady job and a place to stay. The princess couldn't explain it, but after spending so much time with the once-downtrodden pony she started to fancy him. The two fell in love.

On the eve of their wedding day they were strolling through the pasture snacking on fresh wheatgrass and oats. All of a sudden, a huge net trapped the love-struck ponies and two horrid men jumped down and clonked them on the heads, chopped off their hooves and shot them, leaving their broken, mangled bodies there to become carrion, a rotting testament to lost love.

But the children in the next village all said that the jell-o at Timmy's birthday party was the best ever.

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