Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mongo Avoid Candy

After Mongo's many excursions into the realm of vegan desserts over the past few weeks - and believe me, there have been plenty - he's taking a sabbatical from the soy non-dairy frozen desserts, the rice non-dairy frozen desserts, candy, cookies, pudding, scones, biscuits, fruit roll-ups, dips, chips, cakes, chocolates, whips, and any other number of unnecessary comestibles because he has gained an enormous amount of weight and, well, just plain doesn't like it. When Mongo finds that clothes are starting to bind and pull and be stifling to wear - Mongo knows he needs to lay off the god damn pudding pops.

But that doesn't mean that Marky Mae won't contribute. MM, Mongo's keeper, is on a path to clean eating and will share things that don't add bulk to Mr. Waistline.

Desserts - whether they're created with teat extract or vegan replacements - turn you into an unhappy, fat bastard. And Mongo, for one, is TURNED OFF.

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