Monday, August 4, 2008

"I'm a vegetarian..."

These folks love fishin'.

Very little in the world pisses me off faster than dipshits who say the following:

"I'm a vegetarian but I eat fish," or the even MORE baffling:

"I'm a vegetarian but I eat chicken."

Guess what, asshole - then you're NOT a vegetarian.

It could be argued that you're not a vegetarian if you eat eggs or dairy products, either, because although no animals were killed while appropriating these products - they contain animal fat. But I'm not going to talk about that right now.

I cannot tell you the number of times I have gotten into screaming matches with dumbfuck hippies about this stupidity involving fish and chicken, even when I myself was cramming ham, hot dogs, bologna, bacon, Chicken McNuggets, pepperoni, and leg of lamb down my throat with ravenous glee.

These smug assholes who call themselves vegetarians but eat fowl and fish are clearly missing the point. I'm no scientist, but I'm pretty sure fish and chicken don't come from plants.

Their arguments get dumber. "Fish don't feel pain," they say. Well, again - I'm no scientist, but looking at a fish out of water flapping on the dock gasping for air - it doesn't look to me like they're exactly enjoying themselves. Oh, and then there are the scientific studies. Observe:
The first conclusive evidence of pain perception in fish is said to have been found by UK scientists.

This complements earlier findings that both birds and mammals can feel pain, and challenges assertions that fish are impervious to it.

The scientists found sites in the heads of rainbow trout that responded to damaging stimuli.

They also found the fish showed marked reactions when exposed to harmful substances.

The argument over whether fish feel pain has long been a subject of dispute between anglers and animal rights activists.

The research, by a team from the Roslin Institute and the University of Edinburgh, is published in Proceedings B of the Royal Society, the UK's national academy of science.

The researchers, led by Dr Lynne Sneddon, say the "profound behavioural and physiological changes" shown by the trout after exposure to noxious substances are comparable to those seen in higher mammals.

They investigated the fish for the presence of nociceptors, sites that respond to tissue-damaging stimuli. (You can read the rest of the article here)

"This complements earlier findings that both birds and mammals can feel pain," the article states. I'm sorry - was I missing something? Who in the world is stupid enough to think that human beings are the only animals that feel pain? Have you ever seen an injured animal? They scream. They scream wildly. They flail, they writhe. They hurt.

Humans who are stupid enough to think that they alone experience pain are clearly deluding themselves in a dreary attempt to clear their consciences of guilt as they carve their steaks and chicken breasts up.

Vegetarianism follows one simple rule - If it's got a face, don't eat it. (Okay, so sea urchins don't have faces. But pretend they do.)

White meat doesn't make it acceptable. Killing is killing, no matter what type of animal you're chopping up.

So call yourself what you are. If you're eating chicken, you're a carnivore. If you're eating fish - you're a CARNIVORE.


CocteauBoy said...

Thank you, Ben! Well said.

If there is one BASIC language that spans across almost all species, it is the language of pain (and pleasure). Humans may have a hard time empathizing with each other or with other species, but this universe made it very simple for us to know when something or someone is in pain or is feeling pleasure. It doesn't take science to validate that.

Kicking a dog and petting a dog are very different things. Feeding a fish and hooking into its face are two different things. If you can't tell the difference, then you are either damaged in a way that doesn't allow for your intelligence to function, or you are just a fucking dumbass.

It baffles me to no end that someone doesn't recognize this very simple, SIMPLE communication that transcends the boundaries or our skin and species.


Dexter "Misty" LaRue said...

A friend of a semi-friend, after being told by semi-friend that I didn't give a shit about the frozen yogurt she was raving about because I was vegan, said to me, with a perfectly straight face, "OMG, I am vegan, too---except for the meat part." She calls herself an almost vegan because she doesn't eat dairy or eggs; just the actual animal.

I hope there is a very special place in Hell reserved for stupid people like her.