Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The hippie goddess has landed and her name is Michele.

by Dimples Doublefist

Basically, there are two demons who rule my life: the first is the demon who's afraid of getting fat and the second is the demon who can't stop eating. It's a vicious and unending cycle.

Unless I am nauseatingly stuffed, going to the grocery store is a dangerous proposition: if it says it's vegan and the packaging is somehow shiny and the word "delicious" is mentioned, chances are I want it. And I want it right now. That's what happened when I made a trip to Yes! Organic Market in Adam's Morgan this past Sunday. That Cherry-Vegan Chocolate Chip-Macadamia Nut Granola was screaming, "Buy me, gaywad, buy me!". So, I did.

I love granola, but there haven't been a plethora of opportunities to write haiku about it over the years, but Michele's Granola, which is locally made in Baltimore and available all over Washington, DC, is truly incredible. It's crispy, chewy and utterly delightful. Thank you, Michele, for bringing this hippie staple to a new level.

Really, this is the best granola I've ever had---and rest assured, I have made my own (because it's super easy). But even my own sucked in comparison. Michele has found the magic formula, and that apparently amounts to using a gourmet oatmeal cookie recipe and crumbling it up, bagging it and selling it to hippies like me.

Chocolate tongued bliss,
chewy cherry sticks to teeth;
Fat demon attacks.

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