Friday, June 6, 2008

Our Government - doing what it does best. Nothing.

Wow, I guess I shouldn't be surprised. I should have seen this coming.

As soon as the United States government has a real opportunity to do something forward thinking, something that would cause a global reaction other than "God, the United States is run by assholes and populated by unquestioning zombies" - something that would tell world governments that we are bypassing Marmoset McNally's idiotic views on global warming and actually working toward a solution - what do we do?

We let a bunch of stupid god damn Republicans walk all over it. First, a shithead congressman, Mitch McConnell - from Kentucky, where they still shoot 'coon and don't find the graffiti "40 yards to the outhouse by Willy Makeit" outdated - forces a staffer to read the Climate Security Act in its entirety - all 493 pages of it - out loud to the entire Senate just to stall proceedings.

That's just the beginning. The end result, of course, is that the act didn't even pass. It didn't even get amended. It just died.

It's not even on the front page of major news sources' websites. Ed McMahon's Beverly Hills home possibly being foreclosed - that's on the front page. The future of our planet - that's relegated to a search in news sites' archives.

I don't even have the energy to be bitchy about this. I'm almost to the point of despondency. We voted for these people, and what the hell are they doing? They're not working for us... they're watching their bank accounts. They're making sure their investments in corporations dependent on fossil fuels aren't going to face "economic uncertainty" due to potential CO2 emissions standards that would have been set.

Now we don't have a Climate Security Act. We don't have the hope of a Climate Security Act - even a watered-down one. But - we do have a bunch of smug asshole Republicans who are very proud of the fact that they've protected their "big business" friends' big businesses.

I have news for all you posturing toads - you are messing with the future of life on earth here, not just your gaywad little special interests. Your inaction is further imperiling our planet. Maybe you shitsmears haven't figured this out yet, so I'll let you in on a little secret:

You can't re-grow planets.

That's right - we've got one and one only. You people keep fucking with it the way you have been, and we won't even have this one - well, we'll have it, but it will be an ugly shell of its former self, hovering dead in space and spackled with mud, debris and a bunch of idiots fighting for scraps of food. Sounds great to me.

Keep it up, fuckstains. I'm not the one who's got to worry about the future - I'm gay. I ain't having no god damn kids. But you - all of you asswipes who are keeping this act from becoming a reality because you want to be able to drive your SUVs down to the range and blow up a few deer before gnawing on some fat god damn steaks you bought with money earned by turning your backs on scientific fact in order to protect lying, thieving, earth-raping assholes who don't give a fuck about you anyway - I assume most of you have children.

Someday, your children are going to have to live through whatever's left here. They're going to be living Soylent Green (well, maybe except the eating people part - watch the film and see the environmental apocalypse and you'll see what I mean).

They'll think of you as they're scraping through manure looking for earthworms and grubs to subsist on. They'll know exactly why they're going through this and they will hate your guts.

Which is pretty much the way I feel about you right now.

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