Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Look at this precious little angel.

The more I read about Madagascar, the more I realize that this place must be 100% awesome. Now, it is a sad fact that 90% - yes, you read that correctly- NINETY PERCENT of their rain forests have been decimated in favor of mostly ill-fated rice paddies and coconut palm plantations, leaving soil erosion and desolation in the place of once-gorgeous and unique landscapes - but the small portion of natural habitat that remains is jammed full of the most intriguing creatures you'll ever happen upon. Much like Australia, Madagascar is host to many unusual animals, and new species are being discovered there on a regular basis.

This little yellow number is called a Streaked Tenrec, and I think he's an angel sent straight down from heaven. Look how tiny that thing is. This little fella is nocturnal and roots around in the dirt for earthworms and such.

I want to touch one.

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Dustin said...

That thing is so punk rawk.