Monday, March 31, 2008

Sandy and Squeaky Would Be Proud

The San Francisco Art Institute, the intellectual elite who believe one can interpret videos of animals being hammered to death as "art," has shut down the installation 'Don't Trust Me' permanently.

I personally think this installation never should have been opened to begin with because it is an egregious assault on the meaning of the word 'art' and an ugly visual. By its very exhibition it excuses to some degree the needless slaughter of animals (regardless of whatever the artist's "purpose" may have been). I must say, though, that as an animal lover and rights activist, I am disgusted yet again by "animal rights activists'" behavior. From a press release issued by SFAI:

Soon after it opened, the Abdessemed exhibition became the subject of an orchestrated campaign by a number of animal-rights groups, including Animal Liberation Front (ALF), In Defense of Animals (IDA), and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). One result of this campaign was a parallel onslaught of explicit death threats and threats of sexual violence against SFAI staff members and their families. The swift escalation from controversy to credible threats has regrettably forced SFAI to make a decision unprecedented in its 137-year history.
It is very hard to work toward a goal of freeing animals from suffering when there are gaggles of well-intentioned, though clearly inane, fucktards out there creating the image of animal rights activists as violent shitheads who allow their emotions to eclipse their sense of reason when it comes to their cause of choice.

I'm sorry, dipshits - sending death threats to the curator of a museum is not the way to affect positive change. What you simpletons are doing is reinforcing the stereotype that animal rights activists - much like anti-abortion activists - flail about like morons, so smug and sure that they and only they are correct in their stance that they are willing to destroy property and human lives in order to make sure that others "see their point of view."

Well guess what. A threat does nothing to make the person toward whom it is aimed stop to ponder the plight of the animals. What it does is cause that person to think that you are a raging lunatic who should most likely be in prison.

Shrieking hysterically at people isn't going to make them stop and say, "Hmm, you know what? It really IS a terrible thing that I'm wearing this fur coat - that animal suffered needlessly. I think I'll give this coat to a homeless shelter where at least I know the animal's life won't have been taken for vanity."

And it's certainly not going to make an art institute that closed its installation out of fear for the general public and its students think any differently about the situation at hand. Read the press release and you will see very clearly that the SFAI thinks you are a pack of assholes.

Yes, I protested the exhibit - as did a lot of people - but I sent them a letter stressing my distaste in their choices, telling them they were perpetuating violence. I did not continue the violence by telling them I would blow them up. I'm sure most people who complained were similarly prudent in their wording.

Sandra Good, a former Manson acolyte, founded the International People's Court of Retribution in 1973 with Lynette 'Squeaky' Fromme, sending death threat letters to executives of major corporations she thought were polluting the planet. Sandra ended up spending ten years in prison for espousing what were pretty forward-thinking beliefs. If she hadn't been a hysterical moron about the entire affair, if she had provided facts about the impending environmental nightmare (which, it turns out, she was absolutely correct about) in a calm and non-confrontational way, perhaps she could have gotten at least a few people to listen. Instead, she was seen as a dangerous psychopath and thrown in the big house.

A voice for change, especially one as alien to most people as animal rights, should not instill fear. People have a hard enough time accepting animals' rights to be independent from man's greed without having a tribe of dreadlocked, filthy shitheads foaming at the mouth making themselves look like jackasses.

Use your brains next time. You closed down the exhibit - good for you - but you taught the public absolutely nothing except that you are on the dumbass fringe and to be avoided at all costs.

(Yes, my previous post on this subject contained hints that violence was in order - but I was utilizing hyperbole and would never, EVER send a threat to anyone because it's just plain stupid. So don't harass me about that post, you hear me?)