Thursday, March 27, 2008

Come Closer and See - See Into the Trees

Douchealong Cassidy and his Gang of Earth-Raping Simians are at it again, y'all. They won't rest until they've made sure every last square inch of our country is logged, pumped dry, razed, or turned into a mega-greenhouse gas-producing, life-destroying ethanol farm, because, let's face it - they're all assholes.

Now, this little trinket of news might have made it into your regular sources of information if, at the same time, Britney Spears hadn't managed to drag herself out of her whirlwind of droolingly idiotic whoredom to make a 15-second cameo on a dreary situation comedy. But, as we've all come to expect (and apparently revel in), the media expended all of its resources over the past few days to cover Britney's "comeback," in which she did absolutely nothing but look like the vacuous, blankly-staring lipwart that she is.

Douchealong and Co. must treasure Britney - she makes it all that much easier for them to work their black magic undetected.

Britney Goes Out For Sushi, Britney Sneezes, Britney Brushes Teeth, Britney Has Movement Shaped Like South Dakota - if that stunningly moronic tramp does something, we're forced to read about it - a fact that infuriates me to no bounds, particularly because it seems that people actually care. People would rather concern themselves with the daily foibles of a washed-up psycho than real, catastrophic events that are taking place right under their noses. Probably because if they DID pay attention, they would actually have to do something.

Meanwhile, as the American public snacks on McRibs, shops at Wal-Mart for useless crap made by slave laborers in China, argues over American Idol's latest round of talentless shitheads, and wallows in Britney's continued twatty travails, George W. Bush is stealing our future. Each and every day, it seems, he finds some new effrontery to logic that will ultimately come to pass simply because we've lost our capacity to care. Alaska's yet-untapped glacial seas, once-Federally protected wolves, the Endangered Species Act (if you don't know about THIS travesty, read about it RIGHT NOW) - he's hell-bent on taking them away from us. Add to that already revolting list the Sequoias. The world's oldest trees.

What does he want to do with them? Log them, of course! Why preserve them when the IRS needs to mail millions of useless letters? They have to get that paper from somewhere!

GWB tried once before, and his attempt to rid the planet of these dang annoying trees was ruled illegal, but that hasn't stopped the backward-thinking, self-serving skidmark from moving forward with his plan to destroy our environment.

Because in case you haven't noticed - George W. Bush doesn't give a fuck what you, I, or anyone else think.

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