Thursday, February 7, 2008

Don't Mess With Texas.

Texas - THE definition of what it means to be an American. Why, our very own President himself hails from this state - and we all know what that means.

Texas is big business, big oil, big EVERYTHING. Cross the threshold from Arizona to Texas and you're immediately assaulted with GROTESQUE examples of why America sucks so much.

"Free 72-oz steak!" the nightmarish signs scream at you as you come ever closer to Amarillo, a City of Shame if ever there was one.

First of all, who the fuck would even WANT to consume a 72-oz steak? That's over FOUR POUNDS of beef you're cramming into your gluttonous, lipid-soaked gullet. Pure, total, complete filth. Anyone who completes this task should have his or her picture taken and posted on a "Most Wanted" website. "Most Wanted for Rampant Assholism" or something along those lines might be appropriate.

Malls, malls, malls. Steak restaurants. If you like shopping and steak, Amarillo is your kind of town. I don't think I saw a tree when I passed through there, but I could be mistaken. And this is indicative of Texas on the whole, from what I could gather.

Texas, where humans rape the land and everything else suffers for it.

What was Texas like before we got our skank-ass hands in its natural resources? Here's something to give you a picture:

When Spanish explorer Alonzo Alvarez de Pineda arrived in the Rio Grande Valley nearly 500 years ago, he found a landscape quite different from what it is today. The 3 million acres of coastal savannas and brushlands were thick with wildlife – ocelots, jaguarundis and jaguars, Texas tortoises, javelinas, bobcats, coyotes and bison. This crossroads between temperate and tropical climates attracted flocks of migrating waterfowl and songbirds, as it does today: for example, hawks, sandhill cranes, green jays and northern aplomado falcons (these falcons had disappeared by the 1950s and were restored to Texas after a 43-year absence).
The area being described here is around where Texas borders Mexico along the Gulf of Mexico.

Brownsville, Texas is a blossoming town in this region. Its annual Sombrero Festival and Charro Days Fiesta attract lots of tourists to this city "On the Border by the Sea."

Of course, with tourism comes expansion - and we all know that when it comes to expansion, humans really only care about one thing - MONEY. They will raze anything in order to put up a new Piggly Wiggly if the demand calls for it - they'd even plow right over their own family's ancestral burial plot if they were offered enough money. Why? Because humans are, plain and simple, selfish buttfucks.

The Texas Ocelot used to roam freely in this area. This is the only region of the country in which it maintains residence. Guess how many are left? Guess.

That's right - less than 100. Why? Because Americans can't just fuck off and leave things alone. They have to put up mini-malls and storage facilities and Wal-Mart Supercenters and hideously ugly subdivisions devoid of any trees or personality, so fat, stupid white people can move in with their minivans and three children each, stocking their garages with Juicy Juice and gorging themselves on Fritos while they play their Wiis and program their DVRs with enough idiocy-inducing pre-recorded programs to keep them glued to their couches for years to come.

Ocelots' numbers have dwindled severely primarily due to urban sprawl, which has led to their habitat being decimated, and to their being run over by cars as assholes drive home from picking up their bulk tubs of mayonnaise at the Costco. Here's some more information:
The Ocelot: Leopardus pardalis

This small cat weighs 15-30 pounds and averages 3 feet 9 inches in length. Its coat has black spots, bars, and stripes on a rich tan to gray background, with irregular black dots on a white underside and dark bars on the tail. The more numerous bobcat (Lynx rufus) has a longer tail, heavier, larger spots and more rounded ears.

The ocelot is located in Mexico, Central America and South America. The subspecies in Texas and northern Mexico is L. pardalis albescens. Another subspecies, L. pardalis sonoriensis occurs in northern Sonora, Mexico, and may wander into Arizona at times.

This and the above quotation were taken from Environmental Defense: America's Little Leopard
There's a conservation effort going on in Texas right now in a desperate attempt to save this species from regional extinction - farmers are restoring brush to their lands in order to give the cats a safe haven. Several conservation groups are working together to ensure this precious little angel's future. If you want to help, which I certainly hope you do, you can visit right here: I love Ocelots and want to help the Precious Little Angels RIGHT NOW.

Other ocelots:

Although the Texas ocelot has some hope for the future, ocelots in South America face a different peril - see if you can guess what it is. That's right - ASSHOLE poachers who are killing them for their pelts. ANYONE caught wearing an ocelot fur coat should be arrested on sight and left to rot in prison where they belong for crimes against intelligence.

Click the link above to read just what the fur industry has done to the ocelot population of South America. Pretty fucking foul. Just over 200 left in the WORLD, according to that site. Filth.

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