Thursday, January 31, 2008

Where's the Beef?

I have to tell you - Britney Spears' continued dipshit antics through the hills of Los Angeles are getting a little boring.

A REAL news day would be if that trashy douche DIDN'T ram into someone's car, go into a public restroom without shoes on, attempt to pick up strange children at a random elementary school, butcher the English language, show her stretched and sagging meat curtain to the cameras, and just carry on randomly in a drugged-out, psychotic state of inanity.

And yet, the media laps up her daily transgressions with the enthusiasm of an alcoholic guzzling his morning Franzia box. We just can't seem to get away from her - she will most likely be able to usurp front page status from any other news story until the day she dies.

But why? Why are we being forced into caring about her when there are so many other things - REAL things - going on in the world, things we should know, get angry about, DO something about?

If you looked at any major news source this morning, you saw this story:

WASHINGTON - The Agriculture Department said Wednesday it would investigate whether sick dairy cows were mistreated at a California slaughterhouse in violation of state and federal laws designed to ensure food safety and prevent animal cruelty.

taken from here
Go to them now, and this story is buried so deep in the archives that you have to search for it. Yet, we're still kept up to date BY THE MINUTE on Britney's status during her enforced hospital stay.

There's something seriously wrong in a country where one sick person's downward spiral needs to be the entire nation's focus and hundreds of people are hired to follow her wherever she goes. We don't NEED to see pictures of her presumably buying pregnancy tests, looking at clothes, drinking coffee, gazing blankly at her text messages.

People in this country don't need that sort of news. We are a lazy, privileged people, indulged to the point of inaction, and that needs to change immediately. But the media won't LET it. For some reason, most news outlets have decided that we just don't really need to know what's going on as long as we can be kept enthused over their reporting of celebrity mishaps.

That story about the tortured cows should have people - even people who loves them a good burger - infuriated by the gross actions of workers in these "farms." Same goes for the story about the Butterball turkey workers. And the Pilgrim's Pride (KFC suppliers) workers. They are SICK FUCKS who are beating the shit out of already scared and doomed animals.

Of course, if you take the time to read the story about the cow abuse, IF you can find it, you will see the focus is on the wrong thing. It's not on the fact that deranged bastards are doing heinous things to sick animals - it's that the tortured animals' carcasses may have gotten into our meat supply.
"We need to know how this food is getting to the table," he said. "Even when downed animals appear otherwise healthy, they may be harboring dangerous pathogens."
Um, fuck you. How about going to the ROOT of the problem and making sure that there aren't any maniacs employed by these already revolting places? Clearly you have to have something wrong with you to begin with in order to stomach a job like that, but that doesn't necessarily include the horrors that are shown in the video.

As long as the beef's clean, though, it doesn't matter.

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