Tuesday, January 22, 2008

These are days you'll remember - update.

Who to believe?

Regarding the plight of the gharial, this sad piece of news comes from indiaenews.com, a site probably more reputable in its fact-checking:

With only 189 gharials left in the wild in India and Nepal, conservationists are stepping in. A captive breeding programme is to be launched for the crocodile-like reptile in the Manas national park of Assam.

Cnn.com reported in its article that there were 1,500 left in the wild. Who's right?

Meanwhile, is it just me, or are we reading articles of this revolting nature with much more frequency - Yengtze river dolphins, giant softshell turtles, tarsiers, snow leopards... when are we going to stop being cunts?

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