Thursday, January 24, 2008

I'm Lost In a Forest - All Alone

Just a few little news briefs from the day to perk all y'all up.


SAO PAULO, Brazil - The rate of Amazon deforestation rose sharply during the last five months of 2007 as land was cleared for soy and cattle, prompting a top-level emergency meeting Thursday by government officials to deal with the problem.
Read the whole story here.

Help SAVE the Amazon Rainforest here and rainforests in general here.

In the Northern Rockies… the federal government has put forth a proposal that could lead to the slaughter of hundreds of wolves in Idaho and Wyoming. Even Yellowstone wolves could be shot on site if they wander outside the park's boundaries!
Read the whole story here. Only OUR government would pass laws that promote shooting an endangered species.

Tell the American Government that they are a pack of thoughtless assholes here.

We're the only ones who can do anything about this, and if we don't - it'll be too late. You can't just regrow a rainforest or bring back a depleted species, no matter how much lazy assholes would like to think you can.

To quote 'Paint a Vulgar Picture' by the Smiths yet again, "What makes most people feel happy leads us headlong into harm."

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dana said...

I agree with you one hundred fucking percent. But the gov. isnt worried about that kinda shit, they're worried if its not making money, lets make some redneck gun happy conservatives happy and say its okay to kill something that represents the wild, the beatific untamed wild.