Friday, January 25, 2008

I'd love to get you on a slow boat to China

How embarrassing and sad.

Beijing, home of the 2008 Summer Olympics, is so filthy that they're scared they might have to postpone some of the events because competitors won't be able to breathe. On top of this, many Olympic teams will be training outside the city so they don't get poisoned by air that has, on many days, barely missed reaching the HAZARD level due to continued greed and laziness on the part of the Chinese Government.

Who, as a matter of fact, are at this point scrambling to find a solution to the city's revolting pollution problem NOT because it is a hazard to the city's denizens, but because it could be a hazard to the olympic athletes.

BEIJING — Faced with persistent air pollution despite promises to stage a green Olympics, Beijing is planning to reduce its motor traffic by half during the Games to improve air quality and ease traffic flow, according to a newspaper report on Wednesday. read full article here.
Is that fucked up or what?

What does this tell you about that government's priorities? It's okay that their own people are exposed on a daily basis to air that is so filthy you can barely SEE through it. That's the price you pay for becoming the world's largest economy. But expose a few javelin hurlers or some bulldyke volleyball team to it - heavens NO, we couldn't do that. We need that tourism money!

To curb pollution in time for the Olympics, the government has been attempting to "ban" driving. According to them, it's working. According to science, it isn't.
Official stance:
BEIJING -- Despite a persistent gray haze, officials said Tuesday an exercise that removed more than 1 million private vehicles a day from Beijing's gridlocked streets was a success that could mean a clearer sky during next summer's Olympics. read the full article here.
BEIJING, Aug. 20 -- Despite a move by authorities to slash the number of motorists in Beijing by more than a million during a pre-Olympics pollution test, the city's skies remained a hazy white Monday evening and pollution levels showed a slight increase over the four-day trial period, Beijing's Environmental Protection Bureau said. read the full article here.
It's pretty disgusting to think that money and power have such a hold on people that they're willing to poison and destroy their own land in order to attain it.

But it's really nothing new - humans have a propensity for doing the exact opposite of what needs to be done, especially when they KNOW what they're doing is a shortcut and ultimately a detrimental one. We can't be bothered to suffer a possible temporary economic dip in order to clean up after ourselves. We have to forge forward blindly and horribly, raping everything in our paths. (Sorry to be a downer, but it's just fucking true.)

Such is our nature because we are lazy, selfish and stupid.

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