Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Example Number One of why most people just plain suck.

I'm sure I'll be posting many, many, many perfect examples of why most people suck - but this one in particular REALLY pisses me off. The needless stupidity of "execution-style" killings of endangered gorillas by retarded "revolutionaries" in the Congo is beyond reprehensible and I kind of hope that the same thing happens to the shitheads who did it. It's just vile.

2007 was the apes’ bloodiest year on record since famed American researcher Dian Fossey first began working in Congo in the mid-1960s to save them. The toll: 10 shot and killed, two others missing. The rangers don’t know for sure who killed the gorillas, but they believe illegal charcoal traders are trying to sabotage the park for easier access to its trees.

Is money that important? Guess what - there are other ways to make it. Try farming. Try doing ANYTHING that isn't the easiest, laziest way out.

Killing animals for the fun of it just proves that they're better than you are.

Read the rest of this sad, disgusting story here: Congo Gorillas in Peril.

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