Monday, January 21, 2008

Check out THESE bad boys.


These motherfuckers were GOOD!

So, my friend Mina had a Vegan Taco Night on Sunday. For dessert, she decided to try out that fly-ass cookie recipe I done shared below. And let me tell you what - those bitches were g-o-o-deeelicious. I ate the FUCK out of those bastards, and that was before the taco bar was even laid out.

Now check out this business:


Yes, y'all. A Vegan Taco Party is THAT easy.

You get you some taco/burrito Smartlife Grounds, some Tofutti Sour Supreme, grate some vegan cheese (and an FYI to y'all who are trying to be strict vegans - a lot of soy cheese has casein in it, which is a dairy protein, to help it melt. But if you follow Ingrid Newkirk's GoVeg Guide to Vegetarianism, you can get over it, at least when you're at someone else's house or in a restaurant. Don't be a dick.), slap down some taco shells, tomatoes, lettuce, salsa, et cetera, and eat the BALLS out of that shit.

¡Olé !

And a final note - check out these mofos just one more time.

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